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When you visit Dental Group of Bloomingdale, you’ll quickly see what makes us unique. Our team works hard to provide the best dental treatments possible with the goal of making you feel secure and comfortable while you’re in the dental chair. We have a setting that meets the needs of your family because we believe everyone should have access to high-quality dental care.

One of the benefits that you can expect is the use of cutting-edge technology in our dental office. We utilize the latest tools to enhance your experience during the treatments.

Advanced Dental Tools

Here is an overview of some of the state-of-the-art tools that are used in our dental office:

  • Microscopes: Dentistry is micro-surgery, so we enhance the precision by using high powered microscopes.
  • Lights: Our microscopes incorporate the use of a direct beam of light to minimize the glare in your eyes while in the dental chair.
  • Electric Hand Pieces: Most dentist use air-driven drills, that create the whiney sound that you hear while in the dental chair. The problem is that these hand pieces don’t have a smooth rotation. So, we use electric hand pieces to improve precision and reduce the noise and vibration.
  • Dental Radiographs: This digital imaging can be used to see the things that can’t be identified with the naked eye, such as bone density, cavities between the teeth, trauma damage, and tumors. Our digital tools allow us to reduce exposure compared to traditional radiographs.
  • Digital X-Rays: Instead of using 35mm film x-rays, we utilize digital imaging x-rays that use 1/6th the amount of radiation compared to traditional imaging techniques.
  • Intraoral Camera: A small, precise camera allows us to take pictures inside your mouth. Then, the pictures can be shown on a TV or computer screen so that you can see the area that needs treatment.

By utilizing cutting-edge technology, we can increase the diagnostic process’ precision and identify minute nuances that earlier technologies could have overlooked. Our objective is to shorten the amount of time you spend in the dental chair while accelerating the diagnostic procedures. The digital photographs can also be saved on our computer system for future use as needed for reference.

You deserve access to the best technology when you visit the dentist. So, we invite you to learn more about the dental services that are available here at Dental Group of Bloomingdale. Our dental office is working hard to provide the leading services in the area.


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    Dr. Alex Reznikov


    Dr. Reznikov grew up in the suburbs of Chicago.

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    Due to his compassionate nature and love for helping others, Dr. Marwan Abbas has long known that he would be best suited for a career in healthcare.

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    Dr. David Abumanneh graduated from the University of Jordan-School of Dentistry in 2012 with a degree of Doctor of Dental Surgery.


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